Mobile Game

Mobile game content based on animation IP

  • Pororo World

    Over 10 types of mini-games for children,
    including AR house play, AR stickers, doll-picking, and playgrounds
    Global cumulative downloads of 6.35M (as of Aug. 2022)
    Selected as Google Promotional App 2018 and Google AR GAME App 2019

  • Robocar Poli World AR

    A city-building simulation game for experiencing
    safety education content while decorating "Brooms Town"
    and dispatching rescuers for accidents that take place in the town
    -1.05M global cumulative downloads (as of Aug. 2022)

  • Miniforce World

    A metaverse for kids where kids all over the world play shooting game,
    build with blocks, run, and enjoy memory games altogether
    and use customized avatars to communicate in virtual communities such as schools and beaches
    -5.6M global cumulative downloads (as of Aug. 2022)

  • Catch! Ping AR

    A character collection game based on the concept of
    its original animation where the troublemaker Teeniepings
    are found and caught, created using Teenieping characters implemented in AR.
    -240K global cumulative downloads (as of Aug. 2022)