Information related to customer inquiries is stored for one year from the date of receipt and is automatically destroyed after the expiration of the period. If the details of the inquiry include profanity, abusive language, threats, or false information, they may be regarded as an insult, threat, or defamation, and thus, the reply may not be sent. Also,
the writer may be punished under relevant laws and regulations.

  • Inquiry Type

  • Attachment

    Only one file under 10 MB can be attached

  • Collection and Use of Personal Data

    Items of personal information to be collected: Name, mobile phone, e-mail address See

    Purposes of collection and use: Receive customer inquiries See

    Retention period: Destroy once the purpose is achieved See

    You may refuse to agree to the collection and use of personal data above, and if you do not agree, the scope of inquiries available will be limited