• About Anipen

    Anipen hopes technology to go beyond just technology and become a tool that helps people's lives and change the way people live.

    Anipen has introduced various services with the desire to make technology easily accessible to anyone and to make our lives more fun.

    Now, in addition to technologies ranging from AR, XR, AI, and more, Anipen’s own rich experience required to establish the metaverse is now realizing the dream of a metaverse unique to Anipen.

We make the world
where technology and people coexist

We make the world a more prosperous space
by connecting everyone’s lives with technology that anyone can easily use.

  • Technology

    User-centered convenient technology

  • Culture

    Cultural content suitable for AR, XR, and metaverse

Key Achievements

* As of 2023.11
  • Number of global downloads for every app developed by Anipen

    1,700million +

  • User-made videos and photos using AR kiosks

    65million +

  • Number of views for AR videos made with Anipen's authoring technology

    7,000million +

Patents and Awards

* As of 2022. 01
  • 2016. 02

    Awarded K-Global 300 at the Seoul International Invention Fair

  • 2016. 12

    Awarded a commendation from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

  • 2017. 09

    Selected as one of the 100 Outstanding Performances in National R&D in 2017

  • 2017. 12

    Awarded a commendation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for cultural industry development

  • 2019. 08

    Awarded at the New Media Content Award 2019

  • 2020. 12

    Awarded at "KES Innovation" at the Korea Electronics Show 2020

  • 2021. 12

    Awarded the National IT Industry Promotion Agency Award (2021 Korea Metaverse Award: Entrepreneur Sector)

  • 2021. 12

    Awarded a commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • 2022. 07

    Acquired TI-2 technology credit rating by KoDATA

Corporate Information

  • Company Name Anipen Inc.

    Establishment Year 2013. 01. 21

    Address 7F Pangyo Tech1, 131, Bundangnaegok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 13529

    CEO Jaewoong Jeon

  • TEL +82 31 261 0057

    FAX +82 31 261 0058

    EMAIL biz@anipen.com