Base Technology

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where technology and people coexist

  • 1 Based on Natural User Interface
    Authoring Engine

    • Creation of XR content through the analysis of the user's body parts (face and body), hand gestures, sketch input, etc.

      Quick and easy authoring solution for motion and sequence of 3D characters and objects

      Creation and sharing solution for 3D objects and spaces

      3D camera control, filming, and broadcasting solution

  • 2Enhanced NUI
    for Next Mobile Devices

    • Develop and optimize user interface solutions
      for next-generation mobile devices (wearable devices, etc.)
  • 3Webinar &
    Live Streaming Engine

    • Live stream solution to broadcast live on multiple social media platforms simultaneously
    • Video call and video conference solution
  • 4Digital Twining

    • Work process of 3D digital resources mirroring real space and objects
    • Optimization solution for mobile devices and user environments
  • 5Deep Learning (AI)

    • Artificial intelligence technology for analyzing the user's face, body, and voice and applying them to the metaverse
    • Natural language analysis and processing technology
    • Utilize artificial intelligence by combining authoring technology and augmented reality technology in order to create content more efficiently and easily
  • 6XPS
    (eXtended Positioning Service)

    • A platform that develops XR contents and metaverse
      by establishing outdoor and indoor digital maps and spaces
      based on various positioning technologies such as GPS, VPS, and Beacon